[ANN] [AIRDROP] Crypto360: the safest way to hodl your crypto

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Feb 21, 2019


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[size=12pt]Current Landscape[/size]
Daily we witness the publication of news concerning the loss of cryptocurrencies, which is due to the loss of private keys, incorrect transactions, hacking or death of the owner. The crypto context is still young and immature and the importance of security in the conservation of one's own assets often takes second place. However, this theme is increasingly starting to be felt, highlighting the importance of protecting itself against the unpredictability of the case.
According to a statistical survey of "Fortune", up to now about 4 million Bitcoins have been lost due to human errors and incorrect transactions, or rather almost 20% of its maximum availability.
Without considering losses caused by QuadrigaCX or other recent cases…

[size=12pt]Our Solution[/size]
Safe and transparent service, what concern in a double encrypted file storage with contract stipulation, which makes sure that private keys o SEEDs are handed over to the designated heir after owner's death, but service in not limited only to this case… In fact, service give a possibility for customers to designate beneficiaries who can will request file upon the occurrence of a specific event contractually indicated. So, the file release it can bound to the verification of specific event, for example: 18th birthday, donations at wedding parties, graduation ceremonies or simply like a gift. To understand differences between solutions check the White Paper.

[size=12pt]Technical storage process[/size]

Simplifying, customer have to encrypt his private key on text file, so upload it on our platform. Once it’s done, we encrypt another time his file with a password that will kept in our possession and so we will store double encrypted file in our protected archivial.

[size=10pt]WE SEARCH 50 BETA TESTERS[/size]
We are on beta testing phase, we need you. We are testing our workflow, User interface and other things, anyone who want comply with our testing program just join telegram group "Crypto360Official"

Anyone who is elegible for betatesting will receive 1 year of free service plus 5000 C360 tokens

[size=10pt]CRYPTO360 TOKEN [C360][/size]
Crypto360 Token, also know as C360, is an ERC-20 utility token on Ethereum Blockchain. It will be airdroped to elegibles one on 5th march 2019. It give discount on our platform, and is tradable as any ERC-20 utility token. For more info, refear to our White paper.

[size=12pt]What about If…[/size]

[size=10pt]I lost my password?[/size]
Nobody does anything about this password, file must first be taken from our protect archives and then decrypted by us. So, you can do all you want to doens’t lost your password. For example: make a painting of password and pin up on the wall, create 100 copies and share it to 100 your friends, save it freely to all your cloud, in short, you can do all you want with this password to avoid losing. Unlike this password you must protect private key with absolutely caution.

[size=10pt]I rely to my notary? Would not it be the same?[/size]
Not exactly! We are specialized on crypto market (we also provide other service) and have a strongly skills about security and technology field, so we have an infrastructure and knowledge to better shields your crypto. Notary have first to know what are you talking about and maybe relies on third parties for guarantee the necessary security level for the storage.

[size=10pt]You were a scam? And How can I trust you?[/size]
Every solution you decide to adopt its about trust (already using FIAT you are doing an act of faith). Don’t look just the firm size, yes you are right, we are still small… but serious and competent. What is the trust that customers placed in Leman Brothers? They were a really big company…
In case of our failure, we release all files back to owners. For us, all files are worthless without password, is not the same for our competitors or other company in in which we place trust every day.

If you have another constructive questions about service, we will glad to answer to you!