[ANN] A green revolution in the industry of lubricants, Valena-SVC

Valena-SVCoin is a Blockchain technology, which integrate in real time the manufacturer of Vlena-SV, distributors, industrial enterprises, logistics companies, construction companies with a large fleet of special equipment, car owners, and laboratories, which testing the state of lubricant.
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Economy of the token

  • SVCoin tokens are provided with the goods. The SVCoin tokens can be exchanged for any Valena-SV product
  • The whole dealer network uses SVCoin tokens for mutual settlements
  • The price of our products and services Valena-SV can include up to 25% of tokens. By scanning the QR code through the mobile application, customers will be able to see SVC in their account and use it when paying for Valena-SV goods, oil condition monitoring services, logistics services or transfer to the exchange
  • Distributors will be able to purchase SVC to confirm their status and sell it to their regional dealers and partners. Thus SVC is an integral part of the ecosystem SVCoin
  • The increase of demand for SVCoin tokens is guaranteed by the more profitable circumstances for the purchase of Valena-SV products using Valena-SV tokens. The purchase price using SVCoin tokens is lower by 25%
  • The quantity of tokens is limited (65 million SVCoin tokens), and the market volume is more than $ 70 billion and grows annually
  • SVCoin tokens will be sold on the main world exchanges by the end of 2018
  • Redemption of tokens will be occurred when the project is payback


We are creating the Blockchain as the first global database for machinery, industrial equipment, cargo and passenger transportation, as well as for passenger cars with the aim of reducing costs and improving the quality and time of use.

VALENA-SV complex is a reliable, efficient, high-tech solution that reduces the industrial impact of the environment by reducing automobile emissions into the atmosphere. There is also reducing pollution of the environment with recycled automotive parts, mechanisms of the internal combustion engine. The complex is worthy of obtaining the Certificate «GREEN CERTIFICATE-TECHNOLOGY CHECKED»