AngryMiner: the best solution for multi-lane


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Jan 14, 2019
Greetings, miners!

We offer you to try AngryMiner-the most convenient solution for mining Altos on farms from one card to the data center. We have gathered all our mining experience since 2012 and offer you to reduce labor costs for farm management.
Version 3.15 is released for WINDOWS
Short list of features of AngryMiner :
1.If you mine at home, you can use the invisible mining mode. Mining starts when the computer is not busy and does not run on battery power. If you sit down at the computer - mining stops automatically. Our team uses it on all their computers for extra money. However, automatic installation is prohibited.
2.No need to worry about setting up and configuring miners. The system will automatically select the most profitable miner for the card at the moment, configure and monitor it.
3.All Namin can be stored in USDT, and is paid on the air rate at the time of payment request.
4.The AngryMiner will automatically overload the farm if it hangs (Yes, we know how!) . In the case of a frieze, will analyze what settings have led to it and will use softer in the future...
5.An optional overclock will allow you to disperse each card individually to its limit, taking into account its stability and the cost of electricity.
6. Start mining in new Riga takes 20 seconds: start the application and forget about Riga.
7. No need to configure autologin. AngryMiner is installed as a service and starts working before user authorization.
8. All control over the rigs is carried out through the web interface.
9. We have an affiliate program, you can dial such a number of friends that you do not need to work yourself.