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Oct 7, 2018

CryptoConvert: A Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate Calculator for Android

This is an Android project I've been working on which provides an easy way to compare the values of different cryptocurrencies while you're on the go. I have plans to add more features and improvements but was hoping to get some feedback on what could be done better.

Right now there are 2 different "modes" to the app - Single Mode and Multi Mode. In Single Mode, you get a 1-to-1 conversion between whatever two currencies you choose. When you're in Multi Mode, the first currency gets converted to your entire favorites list at once - which is personally my preferred way to use the app because it saves time. You can swap modes by pressing the button in the middle of the app.

Main Features:

  • Use the new multimode to calculate conversions for your entire favorites list at once
  • Colorful icons for all supported cryptos and national fiat money
  • Calculate the conversion of any combination of available currencies! Crypto to crypto, crypto to local, local to crypto, even local to local if you’re just traveling to a new country!
  • Supports 100 Cryptos with the largest market cap
  • 132 Fiat Currencies from around the world
  • Instantly calculates while you type, even when you’re in multimode!
  • Save favorites for easy access + view them all at once via multimode
  • Works Offline! Traveling abroad and have your phone on Airplane Mode? Exchange rates are cached locally so even if you lose internet connection, you can still perform calculations based on the last-known exchange rates for all currencies
  • Clean and easy to use UI based on modern material design
  • Super fast update time - no waiting around for the newest exchange rates to be fetched
  • App is translated to over a dozen languages including English, Hindi, French, and Indonesian

VIEW ON GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mnm.cryptocurrency.cryptoconvert

CryptoConvert Free vs Pro:

There is also a Pro version of the app available ($0.99), which adds a few additional features and functions. However all of the core main functionality is of course still available in the Free version. Here is what the Pro version of the app offers over the Free version:

#1) Removes advertisements

#2) Gives access to a settings page

These settings allow you to customize the app to your own use case and lets you set app-defaults so you don't have to waste time or clicks changing things when you start the app. You can set the default currency 1 you want to convert from as well as the amount. You can also specify the default single mode "to" currency when you're in Single Mode, or you can even change the Multi Mode list to be either your Favorites or the entire list of Cryptos or Fiats (whereas the Free version Multimode is only limited to your Favorites list). There are a few other settings as well, including a default list sort if you want to sort any of the lists in the app by Ticker Symbol, Name, Value, etc.

VIEW PRO ON GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mnm.cryptocurrency.cryptoconvert.pro

CryptoConvert PRO Download Codes:

If anybody is interested in checking out the Pro version of the app, here are 25 free download codes for the premium version of CryptoConvert. You can redeem the promotional codes on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/redeem



I'm really looking for any sort of feedback, whether it's things you like best about the app or things that you think could be improved. If you can take the time to write something, I would really appreciate it so I can improve the project! A review on Google Play would go a long way, otherwise feel free to DM me here, comment, or send me an email at: mnmapplications ( at ) gmail.com.


CryptoConvert Free:

CryptoConvert Pro:


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