An Open Source Cryptocurrency Merchant Payments Project - Visabol

Christopher A. Lord

New Member
Dec 6, 2017
Greetings to all,

Anybody looking to take part in an open-source Bitcoin project? Check out: Visabol's Merchant Cryptocurrency Suite (more info:

This is a project that I've started with hopes of finding a like minded individuals who would like to see a web-based merchant focused payments platform for Bitcoin. And who knows, at the very least, I might make a few friends in the process.

Links to GitHub are available from the above site, as well as a Slack channel. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

Take note: I have yet to provide any code, as I'm still determining the best technology stack for this project. Ideally, as far as technology, language, etc., I want to have enough flexibility to facilitate as many contributors as possible.

Happy to discuss any ideas on this thread.

Take care!