An innovative crypto trading platform for crypto traders. Opinions?

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Nov 4, 2022
Hey everyone,

My team and I have built an innovative crypto trading platform called - an automated no-code trading platform - have some new updates. I wonder about the opinions and thoughts of this community about the platform. Any feedback and opinons are most welcome. Here is the site for more info
is an innovative crypto trading platform where crypto traders can automate their trading process.

The trading platform offers crypto traders to create their own custom trading conditions with ever-expanding data sets, advanced risk management, instant automation with no-code, backtesting, comprehensive statistics, and a unique analysis tool where crypto traders can replay their every position in detail right in the chart candle by candle.

Traders can get started easily by connecting their OKX or Binance exchange account via API.

  • Custom crypto bot creation in minutes. No coding is required.
  • Fast and extensive backtesting tools with fees and transaction costs are included
  • Typing your entry and exit conditions with up to 55 technical indicators, including VWAP, MACD, RSI, candlestick patterns or price action.
  • Each indicator is fully customizable and independent. You can change parameters, assets or the timeframe it evaluates.
  • 7 execution timeframes – from 1 minute to 1 day
  • Fast execution speed with avg. execution delay is less than 300ms
  • Trading templates
  • Up to 4 Stop Loss and 4 Take Profit orders with full flexibility
  • and more features.

Smart Trade tool allows you to create your own custom trading conditions through simple typing over 55+ technical indicators. And each condition can be further customized on its own

The Automated Loop allows you to automate your trading strategies and view the detailed statistics about your custom automated trading strategies so that you can constantly monitor your trading bot’s performance and configure it.

Realistic backtesting that accounts for transaction costs and fees

Position Replayer Tool - Traders can replay their position history and position progress candle by candle

Asset Management Tool - Where traders can set multiple stop losses and take profit and they can also preview their trading setups on the integrated tradingview chart before placing their trades.