Amsterdam Bitcoin Cash Conference


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Feb 1, 2018
What started out as an idea to meet in a bar with about 10-20 people to socialize and talk about Bitcoin Cash, turned out a bit bigger than expected!

Our first event will be held on February 27th at 19:00 on the rooftop of TQ (The TQ Club / in the heart of Amsterdam.

During this evening we will discuss Bitcoin Cash from a social, economic and technical perspective.

We will host several speakers and live webcasts from companies such as:, Lokad, Cyber Capital, The Bitcoin Cash Fund + other interesting speakers that are yet to be announced.

Joannes Vermorel, CEO of Lokad, will discuss the scalability challenges of Bitcoin Cash (1TB blocks anyone?)

Justin Bons, founder of Cyber Capital will talk about how Bitcoin Cash is a store of value and the importance of it being a functional currency.

Tobias Hoffmann, core developer at will discuss the topic: “A fork in the road: differences between bitcoin and bitcoin cash”

Jose M., a student from Venezuela will talk about how Bitcoin Cash helps his family to survive in a country that is facing many social and financial difficulties

Alejandro DeLaTorre, VP of Business Development at will discuss the topic "What we need to do to make Bitcoin Cash successful"

Paul Wasensteiner, Executive Director of The Bitcoin Cash Fund will discuss the topic "The Bitcoin Cash Fund and the Path to a Billion Users"

Bitcoin Cash merchandise will be available and there will be Bitcoin Cash airdrops!

Above all, we want to give you the opportunity to learn while being able to relax and socialize with people who are interested in Bitcoin Cash.

Sign up here !

Tickets for this event cost €7.00 when you RSVP and pay via Meetup (using PayPal)

Tickets for this event cost €5.00 when you pay using Bitcoin Cash.
When paying with Bitcoin Cash, please email the transaction ID to together with your name.
We will make sure you will be added to the RSVP list!

You can find QR codes in the 'Photos' section of the meetup.


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