Altcoin capability: signing and verifying messages


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Jun 1, 2017

Which altcoins support signing and verifying messages? And what software / wallet for these altcoins provides this service?

So far, my research has thrown these altcoins up as providing ability to sign anbd verify messages (mainly to prove ownership of address):

1. Dash
2. Monero
3. ZCash
4. DogeCoin
5. BitShares
6. Lisk
7. Peercoin

Are there any I am missing out? (Litecoin?)

Also- as a noob to ethereum, I understand that ethereum provides this capability too. But pther tokens built on top of ethereum - how many and how do they provide this capability? I am talking about tokens like: Golem, Gnosis, Stellar, Augur, Waves, MaidSafeCoin, DigixDao, DigiByte, Ardor, Iconomi, Melon, Reddcoin etc



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Nov 16, 2015
There are hundrends of cryptocurrencies that have this capability, since most are based on the Bitcoin code, I would be suprised if any of the top cryptocurrencies do not have this capability.

As a general rule it is safe to say that the vast majority of altcoins can do everything Bitcoin can do, and any cryptocurrency worths ones salt can do more then Bitcoin can, especially to distinguish itself and justify its existance.

Also Stellar, Waves, MaidSafeCoin, DigiByte, Ardor and Reddcoin are not based on Ethereum.
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