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MaximP / AllchainIO

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Feb 13, 2018

We are the team, which have all required skills and possibilities to make really fine project. Our fresh point of view can fundamentally change relation between government and cryptocurrencies. Few solutions description posted above.

What we have

  • Nice team
  • Skills
  • Experience with the blockchain technologies
  • Working prototype, which includes some planned solutions at basic level:
  • A long term plan for a lot of features.

Our plan

Now we plan to start crawdsale of 35% of our feature company, and get $3-7M for developing, organizing and marketing.
Company will be officially registered at the country which is legally supports CryptoCurrencies (possibly Singapore).
Crawdsale registration will be public and legit.
Each investor will receive percent of company's income, will be able to analyze all financial reports, as well as suggest any other feature that can increase company's income.

What we want

Main goal of this topic, is the get review from potential investors for our feature project.

Small description (also available at telegram:

Allchain is a Financial Internet Center of Blockchain technologies.
At present, blockchain is expanding at a brisk pace. This technology has gained popularity because of the ICO and explosive growth in cryptocurrency. But, as usual, there is quite a number of people attempting to trick newly arrived investors. Our project is intended to struggle with swindlers and to help in understanding the blockchain ecosystem.

PAMM Account

This tool involves two parties – the investor and the trader. An investor gives his funds to a trader, who in turn for balancing risks makes investments into cryptocurrency that he considers to be among the most promising. However, he won’t be able to make withdrawals or to steal these funds. The system will prohibit both selling original cryptocurrency lower and buying different one higher than the relevant market price. Such a tool will be primarily useful for newcomers in the world of cryptocurrencies as well as for those who want to avoid the swindlers trap.

Markets tracker

Each trader will need an analytics which is just going to be provided by Markets tracker portal. This maximum convenient system will provide all the necessary information from a huge list of rating sources as quickly as possible.
Knowledge base
The technical web-portal for miners and developers will include all the information and functionality for launching of any process with maximum simplicity. Algorithms description, hardware mining benchmarks, software portal, profitability calculator and many other things.

White Wallet

It is a perfect tool for cryptocurrencies integration across the board as means of payment. First of all this is an online wallet with the possibility of opening accounts in one of the dozens of available cryptocurrencies, flexible payment runway, the lowest fees, and opportunity to exchange incoming transactions for any other currency.
The possibility of creating absolutely transparent verified wallets with real confirmed account holders will be most welcome under the legislative regulation of some States in this regard.


The cryptocurrency market is backward integrated with all the above-mentioned services at the lowest possible commissions. In addition to being capable of dealing with peak workloads, it is going to be an indispensable part of the Allchain financial center.

Be updated with the telegram

Here is you can see latest updates, announce and news:

P.S. As it's a preannounce, some planned features may be changed or declined.