All You Need To Know About Dr. Shank’s Products And Their Unique Features


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Apr 22, 2022
Dr. Shank is building and will soon launch the first of its kind digital universe for the fans of golf. The products of Dr. Shank’s Metaverse include Dr. Shank’s Eagles NFTs, Shankoin, Shanker’s Dao, MetaShank, and Shank GLOF.

All products will be created as a part of Dr. Shank’s Metaverse — Metashank and will be accessible to all those who hold Dr. Shank’s Eagles NFTs.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dr. Shank’s products with their unique features.

Dr. Shank’s Eagles NFTs
The primary and probably the most prominent part of Dr. Shank’s Universe is Dr. Shank’s Eagles NFT. It refers to non-fungible tokens that represent unique digital Eagles art built with 2D designs and by combining around 60 digital items.

Anyone can buy Eagles NFTs, but each NFT can be owned by only a single person at a time. They are non-interchangeable assets. The NFT holder will have seamless access to Dr. Shank’s world, including the ability to use all the products.

Out of the 9,999 Eagles NFTs, around 2,000 will represent the professional playing in the various gold tournaments such as the PGA, LPGA, European Tour, and others. The owners of these NFTs shall win Ethereum if their professionals end up on the winner’s list.

Shankoin is a digital currency being created as the native utility token for Dr. Shank’s Universe. Shankoin can be used for all kinds of transactions within the ecosystem and to pay fees for club memberships, buy golf equipment & accessories, buy tickets to events, access golf courses, play digital games, and more.

Those who do not have Eagles NFTs but still want to get a glimpse of all that the Shank Universe has to offer can do so by purchasing Shankoin.

The Shankoin digital currency will help digitalize the Golf economy across the world. It will be accompanied by Dr. Shank’s wallet, credit card, etc.

MetaShank or Shank Metaverse will be created as a digital world centred around golf. It will be built on blockchain technology. Anyone holding Eagles NFTs or Shankoin can access the MetaShank.

It will be just like our own physical world, but much better. Members can access and use everything in the Metaverse, play games on a golf course, have fun with family and friends in a virtual club, and even buy land and build a home using Shankoin.

As the official native currency of MetaShank, Shankcoin will fuel all transactions in the digital universe.

Shank GLOF
Another product in the line is the Shank GLOF — a global digital network of connected golf courses, to which all members (owners of NFTs) will have unprecedented access. GLOF memberships will be available in the form of NFTs that can be purchased using Shankoins.

Together, all the products of the Shank’s Universe build the ecosystem or DAO, which is owned and run by the community. There is no owner here, but every member is the owner.

All holders of Eagles NFTs and Shankoins will actively participate in the decision-making process and will have a say in the direction the project takes.

In addition, Dr. Shank will also be launching exclusive merchandising for his community members, who will be rewarded with special gifts for every purchase of minimum of two Eagles NFTs.

Dr. Shank’s Merchandising will include branded golf t-shirts, premium golf balls, golf caps, golf bags, hoodies, and more.