Algorand Ambassador and Developer Grants


New Member
Apr 27, 2020
Algorand just announced an interesting grants program to help encourage innovation and development on their blockchain, along with an Ambassador program.

This is a cool way to grow their network and spread the word IMO, anyone can participate. You can get compensated from posting articles to building a blockchain solution, there are tons of opportunities and it's a pretty cool way to earn some cash during quarantine.

Highlights of the program:

i) Dev Grants: Right to apply for $35 Million Algorand Dev Grants

ii) DevAms Rewards: ($1000-$2000+) per mo for creating Tutorials and Coding Solutions

iii) Exclusive Algorand Developer Portal: with JavaScript, Python, Java, Golang Tutorials, Full scale blockchain tools & Templates

iv) Network: directly with Algorand's Engineering team and developers from across 50+ countries

v) Take part in free coding webinars, training sessions and community hackathons