[Airdrop] AirgeadCoin - Merge, Store, Buy & Sell Precious Metals

Welcome to the Second AirgeadCoin Airdrop


Announcement Thread

Total amount allocated to the Airdrop: 1,000,000 Tokens
Total amount of tokens in EUR: €1 Million
Price of one Token in EUR: €1
Token Name: Airgead Token(AED)

Each participant will receive 50 AED(Equal to €50) after completing the tasks below.
Limited to the first 3,000 Participants

Tokens will be distributed within 4 weeks after the end of the ICO.


1.Post Proof of Authentication in this Thread:
#Proof of authentication
BITCO.IN Username:
Telegram Username:

2. Join our Official Telegram Group - AirgeadCoin Telegram Group
Introduce Yourself on Telegram(Optional)

3. Like our Facebook Page and Like & Share our Latest Post - Facebook Page

4. Follow Us on Twitter and Like & Retweet our Latest Tweet - Twitter

6. Subscribe to our Newsletter - Website

7. Follow Us on Linkedin and Like & Share our Latest Post - LinkedIn

8. Follow Us on Instagram and Like our Latest Post - Instagram

9. Follow Us on Medium and Clap on our latest Article - Medium

Bonus Task
This task will earn you
Bonus 50 Tokens
if done correctly
Post in a Forum
Step 1 - Register in one of the forums
Step 2 - Choose a Headline and Message
Step 3 - Post it in the forum
Step 4 - You receive 50 Tokens

Forums Sheet

or you can
Post in a Subreddit/Facebook Group
Step 1 - Join one of the Subreddits/Groups
Step 2 - Choose a Link or Message
Step 3 - Share it in the group
Step 4 - Receive 50 Tokens

Subreddits/Facebook Groups

Remember to share/retweet the posts before you fill out the form!

Participation Form
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