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Dec 4, 2017
Hello World!
this is jack. today i m going to tell u about what is good about bit4g and how they are better with other companies.
If you are investing in cryptocurrency than probably you will also hear about new coin that is Bit4gcoin (B4G). Bit4gcoin is gaining a lot of attention through it.
So as our most of the friends are interested to know about Bit4gcoin. So for them today I am going to tell u how the better with other

some introduction about bit4g

So, what is bit4g ?

Bit4G is an advanced, cryptocurrency based growth fund, lending and staking platform.

This platform is the culmination of a long-standing dream - To bring the magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world of trading, and make it accessible to the masses.

At the very heart of Bit4G is a self-learning, AI-based trading algorithm which is way ahead of our times and other 'trading bots' available in the market. That's because it does not follow a single pre-fed trading strategy. Bit4G is truly intelligent in the sense that it is able to learn from every SINGLE trade it makes and continuously improves itself in the process.

how bit4g is better?
Bit4G InteliTrade takes automated trading to a whole new level and this is how: Even the best of trading automation solutions that exist in the market today only use a STATIC trading strategy.
On the contrary,Bit4G InteliTrade uses a self-learning, Artificial intelligence based trading algorithm.
What it means in simple terms is that instead of using a few fixed trading methods every time, Bit4G learns with every trade it makes and keeps improving its trading strategy at a rapid pace.
InteliTrade's current algorithm is already armed with years of training data so you get to benefit from all of that right out of the gate

ERC23 Platform ?

Just as we have used the most cutting edge technology for building our
InteliTrade platform, we wanted to have an equally solid technology foundation
for B4G cryptocurrency.
Ethereum's ERC 23 is the latest and the greatest cryptocurrency platform
available today. B4G cryptocurrency is powered by ERC23 under the hood. This
gives B4G three major advantages:
1. The strength, stability, speed and security of underlying
Ethereum blockchain.
2. Instant interoperability with all Ethereum infrastructure like
wallets and other Ethereum tokens.
3. The ability to harness the power of Smart Contracts.

How is BIT4G InteliTrade different (and better)?

This key improvement is our secret sauce and this is what
makes all the difference.
Boiled down in mathematical terms, Bit4G InteliTrade uses
1. High quality Technical Analysis (TA) with
2. Conclusive Market Data (MD) and combNever gonna get this chance again!ines
them to perform
3. High Frequency Trading (HFT) powered by
4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

[(TA + MD) x HFT]AI

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