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Feb 23, 2018
ADDIVINE – marketing agency

The ADDIVINE team provides marketing services which are aimed at the promotion of ICO / TGE projects. We regularly introduce innovative solutions into marketing strategies and provide them on an individual basis, taking into account the specifics of each individual start-up. We provide reliable and professional support both before and after ICO / TGE to achieve maximum results.

The main goals of ADDIVINE
All services are based on the fact that ADDIVINE is a unique marketing tool which is systematically modified systematically by our ambitious team according to the set goals. Now we are confident not only in ICO marketing, but also actively offer full support for any kind of business with the following services:
  • SMM;
  • performance marketing;
  • Bounty campaign;
  • PR & Targeting;
  • SERM;
  • Email marketing;
  • content marketing;
  • crowd marketing;
  • PPC.
The uniqueness of our services lies in the personal approach which allows us to scale our own knowledge and experience. First of all, we strive for leadership in our niche. That is why, since the moment of contacting us, each ICO/TGE project is on the runway leading to success.

How we launch and support ICO projects
While doing ICO marketing we adhere to the policy of individual planning and the formation of a list of actions for the successful initial coin offering. For this we:
  • conduct analysis and research projects to create a model of marketing strategy;
  • conduct branding in order to create strong, compelling and memorable associations among investors;
  • create and provide ongoing support for social networks, messengers and forums;
  • develop and conduct bounty programs to increase the popularity of the project;
  • cooperate with the opinion leaders in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies;
  • register the project in the listings;
  • develop an advertising and PR campaign for social networks and blog platforms;
  • conduct effective email marketing;
  • provide round-the-clock support during the launch period and throughout the ICO/TGE period.
The specialists of ADDIVINE are the brightest marketers and executive analysts who have repeatedly shown their love for start-ups and existing projects in the field of cryptocurrency. ICO projects successfully launched by us are the result of unrivaled orientation in all incidents of crypto-world, which you can verify by becoming a reader of our media about cryptocurrency "The Coin Shark".

If you are a developer of a project that can turn the universe on its head, then we offer to combine your efforts and the experience of the creative and strategic thinkers of ADDIVINE to lead an ICO project to an independent and successful future.