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Mar 4, 2016

Launched on 2nd of March, 2016 AdBitPro developed in Bitcoin Network provides advertisers and publishers with advanced features:

Benefits for Advertisers:

1-Advanced ad campaign optimization: Geo-targeting by countries, regions and cities, keyword targeting, time targeting, publisher sites targeting. Cities and Regions targeting are available for USA, UK, Russia, Canada, China, Australia, Germany, Egypt, France and Denmark.

2-All ad formats supported: banners, popup, video ads, text ads, slide-in,...etc.

3-Display ads on premium publisher sites. Established website approval criteria to provide quality traffic to the advertisers.

-cost per impressions: 1000 impressions at 0.0001 bitcoin

-cost per clicks (CPC): 1 click at 0.0002 bitcoin

-cost per day (fixed day ad): variable price

-keyword: 0.0001-0.003 bidding range

5-Bitcoin and PayPal accepted

Benefits for Publishers:

1-Minimum Payout: 0.005 bitcoin. One you reach the minimum payout, you can send a payment request at any time.

2-No withdrawal fees.

3-Highest profit among other ad networks.

4-All ad formats supported to suit your website design and available blocks on your pages

Benefits for both Advertisers and Publishers:

1-Mobile-friendly. AdBitPro is the first bitcoin ad network which comes with a very user-friendly interface on all devices.

2-Detailed statistics. real time stats.

3-Anonymous: AdBitPro has been established in bitcoin community; the site doesn't request any of your personal details upon registration.

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