Account closed by Bithumb and $400 DASH lost.

Joel McLeod

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May 10, 2017
Yesterday I had an account at Bithumb which had been open for 2 days closed just after I purchased $400 of Dash, locking me out of it, as well as the account being deleted and there being no way to re-access the account. I lost $400, and although I have sent over 50 emails back and forth with Bithumb, I have not received the Dash back, or had the account reopened. Bithumb are saying that my account never existed, however I have the registration email from that account, along with another 20 emails that were sent to my email address relating to that account upon withdrawing and selling any currency there.

Anyone who doubts that the validity of this for any reason is welcome to see the emails I have received, and screenshots that I have saved.

I'm putting this here to as for advice, and also to warn others that this has happened to me. The higher sale value of Bitcoin at Bithumb has proven to be the thing that lead to me losing money yesterday. I'm glad I only lost $400 worth of Dash and not the kind of money that a lot of others trade each day.

I'm hoping that there is some positive resolution to this, although at the moment it's looking like I have just been ripped off. I'm still speaking with Bithumb, but am being told that an account that I obviously know did exist didn't exist.. along with the $400 of crypto that was sat in that account.
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