A worth it cloud miner


New Member
Jul 18, 2018
I’m a Mining Rig seller and have tested out quite a few rigs that I get from a dropshipper. Aside from the noise, heat and electric bill from some of them, they are definitely worth the money. I started poking around cloud mining for my personal interest. Signed up for a bunch and one that actually is generating at (to me) a decent rate...wait, before I put the link in, I want you to know it will not make 1 btc a day or $$$$ a day. It’s realistic, I’d say I’m averaging $4ish a day but I’ve also spent some money to update. That’s not a necessary thing to do, you can just sign up and check it once a week. If you get referrals that helps too, again not required. I also used a shortened link to generate a few cents per click. I’m a little penny pincher lol. Anyways, worth giving it a shot. Again NOT a quick get rich scheme, those don’t exist! Give it a try, let me know if you need advice. I’ll update weekly. I’m at .00035-ish when I checked a few hours ago. Thanks guys. Happy mining!!