A worldwide shift

Hello my beloved brothers and sisters, my fellow crypto enthusiasts...

Few years ago I was studying the worldwide financial system then during my researches I remember learning about Bitcoin for the first time in a youtube video speaking of a man named Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of the Blockchain for me is among the most innovative individuals which ever appeared in the last centuries, making me wonder if this man that no one has ever seen is really from this world ?

The gift that he brought to humanity is a radical civilization changing technology...
The Blockchain is a change in our way of living and most importantly in our way of thinking.

I am because you are... This is the meaning of a word that many developers among you are familiar with, Ubuntu.
I am because you are... This is the philosophy that Satoshi Nakamoto is vehiculating all around the planet further and further every year.

For this reason me Quang Luc VO I have decided to give my full support in the best of my authority in order to insure that this philosophy keep on spreading everywhere.

Through my voice an infinity of opportunities for growth are coming to the Blockchain ecosystem.
I would like to thank bitco.in for welcoming me within your community.

Thank you so much.