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Leopold The Game

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Jun 19, 2024
Leopold The Game - a game created to remind people of the importance of good deeds and to gather like-minded people around this idea.

Release date: 01.06.24! Mini application in Telegram: Leopold The Game.

The aim of the project is to draw attention to the problems of the modern world and involve people in doing good deeds! Leopold is open for cooperation with charity foundations, orphanages, shelters and opinion leaders.

Game mechanics:
- Collectthe kindness points every 8 hours and start the counter over.
- Invite friends.
- Wait for the tasks in the real world to get even more rewards.

The project team is represented by Cat Leopold. Follow the news in the Telegram channel and other social networks.

  • A two-tier referral program
  • Boosters and add-ons
  • Web3 Integration (TON Blockchain)
  • NFT boosters with an open secondary market
  • RevShare and Royalty models
  • Crowdfunding pools and real world special assignments
  • New game mechanics and tools to encourage good deeds
  • Interaction with friends
  • P2P alliances and collective quests
Join my friends club and become part of the movement for kindness and cooperation! Let's make the world kinder and brighter together!