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Oct 24, 2019
Decode Global is uniting all crypto market enthusiasts on their news aggregator for the freshest and unbiased cryptocurrency news.

A new and highly promising platform for the fans of digital money is swiftly connecting with the audience offering quality content in regards to all things crypto, mining and blockchain, finance, investments and IT. Decode Global is gathering a different type of information to the public eye directly from the source. No one side stories, a clear understanding of current events and all of this brought together on a user-friendly interface.

The startup Decode Global was created for every single crypto enthusiast. Whether the person is a beginner or a professional investor, Decode Global is leading the way through the abundance of fin-tech data displayed online.

Decode offers its users:

  • Real-time carefully selected news

  • A cryptocurrency exchange system

  • Market analysis for traders and investors.
“This fast-growing industry requires more and more top quality resources for educational purposes. We see an abundance of websites nowadays which have the goal to collect advertisement profits, ignoring the trustworthiness of the provided information which misleads investors and the general public. We at Decode strive to cater unbiased and clear content for the end-user”. - Alexander Krumm of Decode Global.

Decode Global is a team of cryptocurrency devotees that have a mission to offer information in an accessible manner for everybody. For additional information please visit www.decode.global or contact contact@decode.global.

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