2BTC lost, possible hacked?


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Aug 19, 2018
Hello good day!

I left this wallet since 2016, it contains 2BTC total in my wallet.dat

Is it possible that I got hacked? Im using Bitcoin Core, I had a backup on my wallet in a USB drive. And password contains 9 letters and 7 numbers (It is arranged like a serial code. example: KJA2BA24BIL5)

I did not store any of the passwords on any computers or cold storage. I memorized it. But on 08/08/2018. I noticed it when my phone says 0BTC 0$ on my wallet (I downloaded an app named "Bitcoin Balance" and "Blockchain Balance (Widget)" that track my wallet value just by typing the address)

When I realized it, I just thought that It was just a bug or something in the app. But when I watched it last night on blockchain's website, It WAS ACTUALLY 0BTC.

This are my wallet: 1DUKzJENkc5f4nb4ZbMbWKBXgNuy6T8Dxm

And this is the theft wallet: 15jpt6fBHsSKwtYUV6fLbfH17pEs3DKnK6

I am using Bitcoin Core on my PC.
I am currently downloading the blockchain since I accidentally restarted my PC while the Bitcoin core was on resulting to corrupted blockchain -_-

Any help will be appreciated.
If you did not understand something, please do not hesitate to question me.

Thanks advance
God Bless!