$200 Billion: Bitcoin Now Has the World’s 22nd-Largest Liquid Money Supply

Carmela Tim

Oct 2, 2017
The global average bitcoin price rose to a new all-time high on Tuesday, briefly crossing the $12,000 threshold. The rally raised bitcoin’s market cap above $200 billion, making it not only the most valuable cryptocurrency but also the world’s 22nd-largest circulating currency.

Bitcoin reached the $12,000 milestone less than a week after surpassing $11,000, and the bitcoin price has now doubled since November 12, when it briefly dipped below the $6,000 mark. At present, bitcoin has a market cap of $201 billion, making it four-and-a-half times larger than ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency.

Source: http://strategiccoin.com/bitcoin-price-now-has-the-worlds-22nd-largest-liquid-money-supply/