1August.org - A project to help regular users get through the fork unharmed


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Jun 18, 2017

1August.org is an effort by enthusiasts and professionals in the Bitcoin and Altcoin space.

Our goal is to put together a guide for the regular bitcoin user to be able to understand what is going on, and how they can be safe over the next couple of months.

This guide is targeting the business owners accepting bitcoin, the college kids who dabbled with it, the retired folks who invested in it, and all other kinds of people who just want to use bitcoin and move money around without having to worry about forks and scaling and proposal wars.

We are looking for community help in checking our facts, suggestions on improving the guide, and help in advertising the site to the users it aims to serve - the guys and girls who use Bitcoin but don't hang around on reddit and bitco.in forums.

Tips/Donations: 1AugustQFF93kVZ3PRz25rUU2PHf7j5u56
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