%100 Real %100 Safe Telegram Btc Mining


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Apr 30, 2018
Hello respect forum members.

As you know, there are cloud mining bots on telegram for the purpose of fraud.
It's actually very simple to understand if scamm is there.

1) if you are producing fast
2) If you want to make an investment when you reach the specified minimum withdrawal limit
95% chance of scammm

I will tell you that the bot is really reliable and has 170,940 members on its payroll and up to now 110,385 BTC payments and it is difficult to show all its members with proof of these payments.

* After clicking on the link I will give you the bot will be active and will give you 100 stars
* You will receive the machines by accumulating these stars and you will start making cloud mining based on the machine's characteristics.
*Every 6 hours between 0 and 100 bonus stars you can get new machines thanks to these bonuses and references
* You can convert saved Satoshi to star ( 100 Satoshi = 1 star )
* After 100k Satoshi you can withdraw your payment to your Blockbain account

Link to our bot : Telegram BTC Cloud mining

Proof of payment : https://t.me/bitcoincloudminingpayments