10 Reasons for Bitcoin Price To Grow To New Heights in 2017


Jan 11, 2017
In the previous article about Bitcoin price trends at Coinidol.com, the experts have predicted that the price of Bitcoin could hit $3,000 by the end of December 2017. However, it’s June now and last week the Bitcoin price has already reached $3,000.

We contacted dozens of leading world experts in the field of cryptocurrency, among which are top managers of Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund PLC, Gemini Exchange, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Alphabit.Fund and many others.

We asked them to comment on the possible future of the Bitcoin price and whether we should expect a victorious continuation of Bitcoin’s price rise to $3,000 and above.

The full article: https://coinidol.com/10-reasons-for-bitcoin-price-to-grow-in-2017/
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