[.05btc Bounty] Setup two guides for BU nodes


Nov 18, 2015
SF bay area
Following up with this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/3xwcnl/how_i_stopped_bitching_and_started_my_own/

I wanted to help get BU nodes ramp up, so i decided to run my own BU node. Unfortunately, as a complete and utter non-coder, it was extremely difficult for me to actually get my unlimited node running on the cloud. I am likely not alone in both my attempt and frustration of the process. In order to remedy this, I am willing to offer .05 btc to anyone who is willing to setup a step by step guide (for idiots) to get a BU node running both on code.google.com as well as vultr.com. It must be written from the perspective of someone who has no idea how to code and is used to using interfaces, not cmd lines to get tasks done. Bonus points for images with arrows showing exactly where the buttons are to get each step done.
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Jan 6, 2016
IMO this thread is well explicated (even if I'm unable to compile BU for an unknown reason), so what would you want more, precisely ?