【JTeam Champion NFT】Will blockchain virtual currency become transaction currency in the metaverse?


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Mar 2, 2022
At present, the Metaverse is still an upgraded version of the Internet. The Metaverse will inherit most of the modes and functions of the current Internet, and create some new applications and contents on this basis. But looking at the function of currency payment alone, the difference between the future metaverse and the current Internet will not be very big. I feel that in the future metaverse era, no matter the country or the public's perception of virtual currency should not change much, it will be difficult to accept virtual currency as a transaction currency.

Therefore, the blockchain may still be hyped and traded by many countries in the next few years, but the possibility of becoming a transaction currency should be very low. Of course, nothing is absolute, because the definition of the metaverse is inherently ambiguous. TheSandbox uses virtual currency as game currency, and many people think it is a prototype of the metaverse.

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