【JTeam Champion NFT】Why is nft blockchain so exciting?


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Mar 2, 2022
NFTs are powerful because, combined with other financial instruments on Ethereum, anyone can issue, own, and trade them. Therefore, the interaction efficiency between users and NFTs is significantly higher than that of traditional platforms. Just as the payment efficiency of cryptocurrencies is higher than that of traditional payments, the borderless nature of transactions and the convenience of transfers make NFT's circulation efficiency higher than traditional methods.

For example, if you are a game developer and want to make tradable game props, you can immediately give the props trading properties with the help of the protocol of the decentralized NFT exchange. You don't need to create a marketplace, and you don't need to go through the onboarding process of a centralized platform to circulate items.

NFTs don’t just support transactions, they can also be used for lending, backing fractional ownership (like NIFEX), or as collateral for loans (like NFTfi). The combination of NFT and DeFi can create infinite possibilities. For example, Aavegotchi is a game that combines DeFi and NFTs, in which each character represents a deposit made by the user on the lending platform Aave, and the game characters can fight, upgrade and configure equipment. The usage of NFTs is likely to increase substantially.

The tokenization of traditional assets like equity is a clear trend in the future, as this will greatly improve the efficiency of their transactions. As we will see, tokenization adds new possibilities to the traditional world, such as using NFTs to represent ad space, you can sell the right to use the ad space to a website, and the right to use the ad space can be freely traded. This is actually a form of digital real estate. With NFTs, I bet the website will get a lot of attention and the ad space will become more valuable. Next, we will see more kinds of new concept tokens, and what excites me the most is that these tokens have been proposed and realized precisely because of blockchain technology.

To make NFTs easier to use, there are several areas of user experience that need to be improved. First of all, we need to scale the transaction processing volume of the blockchain, otherwise high transaction fees will make some transactions very expensive or even unavailable. Scaling research is underway, with several different teams in the Ethereum community working on scaling options, and we’re seeing some other blockchain projects doing related efforts. Another problem with NFTs is that holders need to keep their own NFT tokens.

However, we can develop user-friendly wallets to support features such as PIN, biometrics, and social account recovery, freeing users from the complex work of keeping wallets. I am optimistic that these improvements will build over time and we will see a huge wave of innovation and experimentation in the NFT space.

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