【JTeam Champion NFT】Top 10 digital currency trading platform rankings, how much do you know?


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Mar 2, 2022
At present, there are many platform coins, but the ones with the most appreciation potential are the top exchanges, that is, the exchanges with the highest number of users, and well-known exchanges in China: Binance, Huobi, OKEX, ZB, BIGONE, Corresponding platform currency: BNB, HT, OKB, ZB, BIG, Shengchao is called the five tiger generals of domestic platform currency.

1. Binance Coin (BNB) on Binance Exchange

The total circulation of Binance Coin is 200 million, and the opening price is less than 0.7 yuan. As BNB caught up with the 17-year bull market, the price once rose to more than 150 yuan, an increase of more than 200 times, and the current price has dropped to around 80 yuan. Binance has gradually grown from a small exchange to the number one in the world. It can be said that it is not easy. I am afraid that only Binance knows the story behind it.

Binance Exchange promises never to issue additional BNB, and will use 20% of the platform’s net profit to repurchase BNB every quarter and destroy it. Therefore, the total amount of BNB will become less and less, with a certain scarcity. In the long run The potential is still huge.

2. HT of Huobi Exchange

Huobi's platform currency HT, is a point system based on blockchain issuance and management, with a total circulation of 500 million, 2.5 times that of Binance.

Different from BNB, HT did not adopt the method of Aixio or crowdfunding, but was presented with a recharge point card package. The minimum cost is 1 US dollar, and the current price is 1.8 US dollars, which is equivalent to 11.3 yuan in RMB. The crowdfunding price of HT should be around $1, so the relative issue price of HT has increased by about 2.3 times. Regarding its circulation, according to the latest announcement of Huobi, it should be 257 million, and the current repurchase mechanism of Huobi has changed to destruction, which may be more reliable than the dividend airdrop.

3. OKB on OKEX

The issuance of OKB is 1 billion sticks, which is 5 times that of Binance and 2 times that of Huobi. This issuance is the largest among the three major exchanges (Binance, Huobi, OKEX). The rise of the coin was also eye-catching when OKB was released. The circulation of OKB is 300 million, the crowdfunding price of OKB is 1 USD, and the current increase is 1.55 times. Not only are OKB and HT issued at the same time, but the market value of the platform currency is so synchronized, not to mention the tacit understanding of IEO afterward. Compared with the bottom, OKB actually has a good increase, but since the CEO called the order, the price has been falling all the way, and the current stability is about 1.5 dollars. It can be said that the first IEO was a great failure. At present, only OK still uses dividends. You can also consider destroying tokens.

After OKB went online, there have been constant scandals, such as trading volume fraud, futures bursting dichlorvos incident, these negative news caused OKB to break to about 4 yuan at one point, recently I heard that OKEX has changed the operation team, OKB launched Happy Friday, global partners, 0 procedures Fees and other exclusive preferential policies have brought the price of OKB up, and the current price is 27.65 yuan.

4. ZB of China Currency Exchange

ZB is issued by ZB.com, which can be used and flowed in many scenarios of ZB. The total amount of issuance is 2.1 billion. This circulation is the same as the Bytom chain. More than 10 times, let everyone see the strength of the ZB control panel, and it has attracted countless sunshine at a time.

The current circulation of ZB is 737 million. The original form was to sell members to send ZB. In fact, the model of each platform is similar. Buy XX and send platform coins. Anyway, platform coins are sent. There is a saying. The issuance price of ZB should be about 1 RMB, and the current increase is twice as high, but in general, the number of this coin is still relatively large, but fortunately, the amount in circulation is relatively small. But as far as I know, ZB and other affiliated exchanges also issue platform coins.

Now it has dropped to around 3 yuan. At present, this price is higher than before, but it is still low. In the long run, there is still room for growth. It depends on when ZB Qiangzhuang performs.

5. GT of Gate Exchange

Gate platform token GT, issued on April 8 this year, has a maximum increase of +109.78%. Overall, the GT of the Gate exchange is better than the new exchange in terms of circulation value and application value, but the platform currency of the new exchange in the deflation value. No less. With more aggressive repurchase and destruction investment and execution, the new exchange has successfully injected considerable deflationary value into its platform currency.

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