【JTeam Champion NFT】The difference between NFT and digital currency, digital currency avalanches across the board


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Mar 2, 2022
Difference between NFT and Bitcoin

Similar to Bitcoin, NFTs are placed on the blockchain, so they are decentralized, open and transparent, immutable, and unique.


Both NFTs and digital currencies are inseparable from one keyword: blockchain.


Digital currency is a homogenized cryptocurrency, while NFT is a non-fungible token.

What is homogenization and non-fungible?

We can simply compare NFTs to wine. Different wines have different vintages and values. Each bottle of wine is unique and therefore cannot be traded with each other. NFTs exist like wine. Due to the different nature, the currency-like nature of NFT is not like a homogenized token, so it is rarely used as a currency in the Metaverse world, but as a unique identifier for identities and items. If you can hear "0.1 NFT", chances are it's wrong. A homogenized cryptocurrency provides an economic system for the construction of Metaverse, while NFT provides Metaverse with independent identification and ownership of virtual items. While both are built on the blockchain, there are essential differences.

Why is digital currency avalanche across the board?

Due to the volatility of digital currencies, there are flash crashes or skyrockets from time to time due to various reasons. From market sentiment and global economic fallout, to fake news and tweets, there could be serious shocks. As for the cause of the flash crash, foreign media generally believe that due to the current market being affected by the new Omega virus strain on the spread of the epidemic, anxiety and pessimism are obvious, and various news have been reported in the global market. The Federal Reserve hinted at the end of Taper, the record high inflation in many European and American countries, and the continuous reports of regulatory cases in financial institutions in various countries—all directly or indirectly contributed to the flash crash of the digital currency market.

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