【JTeam Champion NFT】 What are the characteristics of digital currency


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Mar 2, 2022
【JTeam Champion NFT】 What are the characteristics of digital currency

Digital currency features

1. Low transaction costs

Compared with traditional bank transfer, remittance and other methods, digital currency transactions do not need to pay fees to third parties, and their transaction costs are lower, especially compared to cross-border payments that provide high handling fees to payment service providers

2. Fast transaction speed

The blockchain technology used in digital currency has the characteristics of decentralization. It does not require any centralized organization like a clearing center to process data, and the transaction processing speed is faster.

3. High Anonymity

In addition to the fact that currency in physical form can realize peer-to-peer transactions without intermediary participation, one of the advantages of digital currency compared to other electronic payment methods is that it supports remote peer-to-peer payment, which does not require any trusted third party as an intermediary. Transactions can be completed in complete strangers without trusting each other, so it has higher anonymity and can protect the privacy of traders.

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