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Nov 5, 2018
Fengwo C2 Mining Container CSA&UL Certified Edition

Product parameters
Global standard maritime container
To meet the cargo and shipment requirement all around the world.324 /648 1500W standard Slots
To meet multiple machine power consumption standards.CSA & UL certified
All electric accessories are in line with CSA and UL standard in Canada & USA.Superior quality
Noted component manufacturer, i.e. SIEMENS, Eaton, Schneider, ABB etc.Professional design
One-way ventilation system.
Hot and cold area insulation.
Specialized dustproof mesh.

External dimensions & internal structure
Box weight: about 1.5-2 / 3.5-4 tons.
External dimension: L6058mm*W2438mm*H2896mm / L12032mm*W2352mm*H2698mm
Number of shelves: 3 / 6 sets of shelves each box
Number of layers: 9 layers each shelve
Number of slots: 12 slots each layer
Color: Customized

Technical details
Total slot: 324 / 648
Maximum total power: 500kw / 1000kw
Transformer recommendation: Allocate the in put voltage according to local standard. The output voltage shall be 380V.
Socket: 20A, 250V
Switches: 15A and 400A circuit breakers.
Support: Most mainstream mining machine.

Heat dissipation
Water curtain & Blind:
One-way ventilation system.
Hot and cold area insulation.

Version and Pre-sale price
C2 – 324slots - CSA&UL certified version: ¥158,000 (Tax-exclusive)
C2 – 648slots - CSA&UL certified version: ¥268,000 (Tax-exclusive)

Optional configuration
1 Network solutions: including switches, routers, cables.
2 Video surveillance system and remote control system.
Quote upon enquiry.

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