⭐ [ANN][Bounty] The first blockchain for registering land on the Moon.

Md sayem Uddin

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Sep 14, 2019

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How to participate in "I support DIANA."

1. Go to https://www.dapp.com/dapp/diana and leave your best rating and comment
2. Must follow the DIANA FB page of https://www.facebook.com/LunarRegistry
3. On a piece of paper, write down "I support DIANA. www.diana.io" by hand
4. Hold the paper up and take a selfie as shown below


5. Post your selfie to Facebook with contents below
>Content: Write the reason you participated in "I support DIANA."
(use the example below)

Exp A.
I enthusiastically support the Diana campaign.
It is Moonshot Thinking that allows mankind to jointly own the Moon, the common heritage of mankind.
Friends! Let's register land on the Moon at www.diana.io
#dianaio #registermoon #buylandonthemoon

Exp B.
The Moon is a common heritage of mankind. That means it’s ours.Let’s register land on the Moon.
#dianaio #registermoon #buylandonthemoon

Exp C.
This video explains who owns the Moon, and how you can save it.
Explore how Diana can improve humanity’s future.
#dianaio #registermoon #buylandonthemoon

>Tag your 3 best friends using [Tag Friends].

>Add all the hashtags below.
#dianaio #registermoon #buylandonthemoon

6. Fill in this form to report at https://forms.gle/GjiKYNRNspfY3QF78
- Reports with quote are not accepted.
- Your declaration of support is used for the homepage.

7. Period: ~ 31 Oct 2019.

We will evaluate your posts based on 2 main factors:

1. Quality

Quality Grade :
We evaluate your content's quality by its sincerity, length, and how well it explains the DIANA Campaign.
Then the content will be graded from A(Great) ~ D(poor).

2. Views + Author's followers(subscribers)

Popularity Grade :
The content will be compared for views/followers and will be given a relative score.
Then the content will be graded from 1(Great) ~ 4(poor).
We reward tokens according to these grades:

3. Token distribution for bounty will be biweekly.


• Utility - Our token serves as a proof of registration for land on the Moon
• Total Supply - 3,874,204,892 DIA
• Symbol - DIA
• Type of Token - ERC20x
• ERC Explorer - https://etherscan.io/token/0x20bfe54dad0f3f938788e10bf68cc36d444a4210