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Sep 10, 2015
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Georg Engelmann

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Sep 10, 2015
  1. Gold Price Forecast: A Runaway Move Could Push Gold Towards $3000 by August - This analysis suggests a potential surge in gold prices, forecasting a significant increase that could see values approaching $3000 per ounce by August.
  2. Gold Refreshes All-Time Peak Above $2,400 Before Retracing on Risk Aversion, Strong USD - Gold recently hit a new all-time high over $2400, only to retrace its steps amidst a stronger USD and growing risk aversion among investors.
  3. Gold Prices Hit a Record High: What's Behind the Surge? - A detailed look into the factors driving gold to record high prices, exploring economic and geopolitical influences.
  4. Why Are Gold Bar Sales Surging at Costco? - An intriguing examination of the reasons behind the significant increase in gold bar sales at Costco stores.
  5. Costco is Now Selling a Shocking Amount of Gold Each Month, Report Says - This report highlights the surprising volume of gold sales occurring monthly at Costco, suggesting a trend in consumer investment behavior.
  6. Gold Edges Down from Fresh Highs Around $2,360 Ahead of US Inflation Data - As investors await new US inflation data, gold prices have slightly decreased from recent highs around $2360.
  7. Costco Gold and Silver Sales Seem to Have Grown Considerably, Wells Fargo - According to Wells Fargo, there has been a notable increase in the sales of gold and silver at Costco.
  8. Is Gold the New Safe Haven? - This article explores whether gold is reclaiming its status as a safe haven asset amid current market fluctuations.
  9. Healthy Central Bank Gold Buying Continued in February - Reports indicate that central banks have continued their robust purchasing of gold into February, reflecting its enduring appeal as a reserve asset.
  10. Why Record-Setting Gold Prices Will Fend Off Headwinds and See 30% More Upside - Analysts predict that despite potential economic headwinds, gold prices could rise an additional 30%, setting new records.
  11. Gold Price Soars to Unseen Highs Amid High US Yields, Unfazed by US Jobs Data - Even with high US yields and recent jobs data, gold prices have soared to unprecedented heights.
  12. Should You Buy Gold at an All-Time High? - This article discusses the considerations and potential risks of buying gold when it is at its peak price levels.
  13. Gold Shatters Record Highs, Heads for Third Straight Weekly Gain - Gold continues its upward trajectory, breaking records and securing gains for the third consecutive week.
  14. Precious Metals Shine: Gold Hits Record High, Silver Sees Substantial Gains - A comprehensive review of the performance of precious metals, with gold reaching new heights and silver also achieving significant gains.
  15. Gold Hits New High of $2,250 an Ounce - Gold prices have reached a new milestone, hitting $2250 per ounce as investors seek stability.
  16. Gold ETFs Outperform in March - Gold-based ETFs have shown exceptional performance in March, outpacing other investment forms.
  17. Gold Price Forecast for Spring 2024: Here's What Experts Predict - Experts provide their forecasts for gold prices in the spring of 2024, with expectations of continued market impact.
  18. Gold Hits New Record High on Fed Rate Cut Bets - Speculation about potential Federal Reserve rate cuts has driven gold prices to new record highs.
  19. Gold Prices Hit New Record High on Fed Cut Expectations - Expectations of Federal Reserve rate cuts have once again lifted gold prices to unprecedented levels.
  20. It May Be Silver's Turn to Shine After the Gold Rush to Record High Prices - Following the dramatic rise in gold prices, silver might be poised for its moment in the spotlight.
  21. Gold Prices Hit a Record: An Overvalued S&P 500 Could Mean More Gains Are Coming - With the S&P 500 appearing overvalued, further gains for gold could be on the horizon as investors seek safer assets.
  22. Gold is Rallying, It Isn't About Inflation This Time - This time around, the rally in gold prices is attributed to factors beyond just inflation concerns.
  23. Gold's Price Reaches New Heights Amid Global Market Uncertainty - In times of global market uncertainty, gold continues to reach new price heights, proving its status as a safe-haven asset.
  24. How to Buy Physical Gold and Silver Bullion Products - A practical guide for those interested in purchasing physical gold and silver bullion products.
  25. The $52 Trillion Case to Buy Gold and SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) - An analysis of the market conditions that make a compelling case for investing in gold and the SPDR Gold Trust ETF.
  26. How to Buy Gold - An informative guide detailing the various methods and considerations involved in purchasing gold.
  27. Now Is a Good Time to Buy Gold, Says Egyptian Commerce Official - An Egyptian commerce official advocates for buying gold now, citing favorable market conditions.
  28. World Gold Council on What Drives the Shiny Metal's Price - Insights from the World Gold Council into the factors that influence the pricing of gold.
  29. Live Gold Prices, Gold News, and Analysis: Mining News - Kitco provides real-time updates on gold prices, along with news and analysis related to the mining industry.
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Coinbase Derivatives to Launch Futures for Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash- Coinbase is expanding its offerings with the launch of futures contracts for Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. This move reflects its strategy to diversify trading options and attract more users to its platform.
Coinbase Reaches Crucial Milestone in Canada - Coinbase has achieved a significant milestone in its expansion efforts in Canada, marking an important step in its growth strategy in North American markets.
Wie Man von der Coinbase Blockchain Profitieren Kann - This German article discusses how individuals and businesses can leverage the Coinbase blockchain for profit, offering insights into the opportunities provided by one of the leading platforms in the cryptocurrency space.
Coinbase Cautions on Bitcoin Halving Amid Seasonal Crypto Market Downturn - Coinbase issues a caution regarding the Bitcoin halving event, particularly noting the typical downturns in the crypto market around such events, aiming to prepare investors for potential volatility.
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