Wild experience with an exchange - QUEDEX

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Jan 16, 2020
Well, I'd be sharing my sad experience with an exchange.

There are so many many of them but I'd be particular on IDEX, how they denied my withdrawal and locked me out of my account.

I've also been a victim of Localbitcoin scams and Quedex but there was so much in IDEX I couldn't afford to lose.

With losses of $17,200, I am is by no means a big fish in the pool of scammed cryptocurrency victims — hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of whom have been fleeced by corrupt firms in recent years. What is remarkable about my case is that I got all of my money and coins back.

How did I do that? I followed up with these exchanges, I never backed down and I wrote about it online on every platform. I was lucky to come across a legitimate and passionate recovery company. A team of Experts who are expertise on financial fraud, focusing much of its resources in fighting binary options companies while maintaining discretion and utmost confidentiality of their clients. They have recovered thousands of dollars using forensic investigation tools to clamp down this exchange.

Falling prey to these scammers is sometimes inevitable, but these company of experts really helped me. The expert's name, Secured Recovery, you must have heard of. I just need to air it and also warn traders, the are so many known legit exchanges you can invest in, not these.
If you have decisive issue read reviews from legitimate sites.

Please invest wisely and to those who are still with withdrawal issues in on exchange or the other, I'd advice you contact Secured Recovery to get money back. Please don't give up you worked for these !!
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Jan 16, 2020
Thanks Lisss,

I had a similar experience with HitBTC. I couldn't withdraw. But you're lucky you got it all back. I really should file a case too.