What Can You Get With 0.01 Bitcoin?


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Jul 19, 2019
On this day in early 2020, 0.01 Bitcoin is about the price of two people having a full meal at a mid-priced restaurant. If simply measure the value of 0.01 bitcoin already in hand, it is digital gold, a safe haven with a volatile price. However, if you exchange 0.01 bitcoin for VID, you’ll access a free financial business system and a global social network of privacy, other than the one and only passable proof of identity in the VDS decentralized consensus social ecosystem. VID provides its owner with anonymous chat, decentralized OTC, Trust Stamp Network and many other functions.

Let’s find out why the price of creating VID is 0.01 bitcoin. First of all, we need to know that resonance trade is a one-way exchange channel between bitcoin and Vollar, that is, the holder can complete the exchange of Bitcoin to Vollar in the wallet of VDS in a decentralized way without seeking a counterparty, and the exchange ratio between Bitcoin and Vollar is dynamic. The price of creating a VID is calculated based on the conversion ratio of resonance trade in the current VDS ecosystem. When the market price of Vollar is equal to the resonance price, the cost of creating a VID is equivalent to 0.01 bitcoin. Resonance trade is the “perpetual motion” of VDS ecology, and the change in resonance ratio can reflect the development progress of each section in the VDS ecosystem and the final result of the interaction between various parts. This 0.01-times relationship connects resonance ratio and VID price, which is more conducive to the formation of a virtuous cycle, making the decentralized financial system of VDS more vivid and complete.

Now let’s take a look at what we can get when we spend 0.01 Bitcoin worth of Vollar to activate a VID.

1. Secret Chat

VDS builds a “privacy network” on the distributed nodes, where anonymous super master nodes scattered around the world transmit information only without any storage. Such network service enables VDS secret chat system to operate safely with the guarantee of user privacy. Once we have created a VID, the VDS secret chat function is automatically enabled. Each VID can freely exchange information with other VIDs in a decentralized space without worrying about the disclosure of personal information or chat content. In addition, a VID can create or join in an OTC exchange through the distributed anonymous private group where each VID can trade Vollar for any kind of currency anonymously to achieve the ultimate freedom of wealth. Through its unique technology of anonymity, VDS offers each VID the right to express and trade chips in its private social network.

2. Trust Stamp Fission Revenue

Activation of VID requires payment of a certain amount of Vollar to other VIDs. VIDs who sends invitations directly will receive 35% of the payment. The remaining 60% of Vollar, excluding the service charge, will be divided into 12 equal shares and distributed among the 12 linear relationship VIDs above, each of which will receive a 5% share of the system award Vollar, including the VID who send out invitation. This is a never-ending promotion game, players set up Trust Stamp pyramid through their unique network of relationships. Trust Stamp pyramid is not only the source of fission revenue; it also strengthens the relationship between VIDs both in reality and over the network with a hefty profit-driven VID fission, attracting fresh blood to join in the most efficient way.

3. Lucky 20 Lottery for Each Block Week

Within VDS ecosystem, every 10,080 block is counted as one Game. At the end of each Game, 10 lucky super master nodes and 20 lucky VIDs will be selected to receive 50% of this Game’s Bitcoin rewards respectively. The Lucky 20 VIDs generated every Game needs to promote direct-invite fission to enter the candidate list for Bitcoin rewards. In each block week, the Bitcoin used for the resonance exchange of Vollar is extracted (Games in Spring Rain Plan will also include the specified guaranteed Bitcoin rewards), eventually the system will randomly select 20 VIDs with direct-invite fission promotion according to hash value and distribute Bitcoin rewards in proportion to their direct-invitation number of last Game. In VDS, VIDs with direct-invite fission promotion in each block week are all qualified to win Bitcoin rewards. Random draw of Lucky 20 makes VID income more diversified and adds entertainment.

Relying on blockchain technology, VDS has ushered in a new era of cryptocurrencies. It is a grand decentralized consensus social ecosystem that helps citizens awaken from the control of centralized institutions. VID is the key that leads us to the freedom of wealth and emancipation of mind. With only 0.01 Bitcoin worth of Vollar, we can get more than just a stronger network of relationships, a network for secret chat and trade and unimaginable wealth, but also a decentralized warm habitat in this era dominated by centralization.