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Jul 25, 2022
Earn || Swap || Invest || Borrow

With Trofi, users may swap their crypto assets, collect daily interest, and lock them up for better interest rates. Users can earn up to 18% daily compounding APY on stablecoins, and up to 100% on other crypto assets. Essentially, they will be able to borrow money against their crypto assets and get more significant returns with Trofi’s structured products offering.

Trofi’s emphasis will be on bringing innovative financial products that will assist their customers in recreating investment risk and reward profiles based on their risk preferences. Furthermore, through meticulous analysis, Trofi will deliver risk management solutions to enable its users to understand their risk exposure, potential risk, and benefits.

Why Trust Trofi?

Licensed And Regulated
Trofi is a financial institution registered as a U.S. Money Services Business regulated under U.S. Law. We are actively monitoring the global crypto regulatory climate and are undergoing the necessary procedures to obtain the required licenses in the jurisdictions where we operate in. As of today, in addition to our US MSB registration, we are also registering for licenses in Singapore, Australia, and Canada

U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: Money Service Business Registration

Registration Number: 31000194885519

Legal Name: Trofi Group Limited

Earn || Let Compounding Does The Hard Work For You || Earn up to 300% APY Get Paid Daily
HODL your crypto with passive income on the best platform to earn interest on crypto
• No minimum
• Compounding daily payouts
• Instant Interest upon deposit
• Zero fees

For more details about "Earn" please visit:

Earn+ || Earn Enhanced Yield And Buy/Sell At Better Rate || An Innovative Way of Crypto Investing
What Is Earn+?
Earn+ is a non-principal protected structured investment product that allows you to earn an enhanced yield compared to the regular Earn rate. It is one of the most popular investment products in Traditional Finance. This product is also known as Dual Currency Deposit, Dual Investment, or Deposit Plus and is usually considered as a low risk product.

• Enhanced yield up to 200% APY
• Customizable terms based on your risk/reward preference
• A popular investment product also known as Dual Currency Deposit, Dual Investment, or Deposit Plus
• Relatively low risk among structured investment products

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Swap || Swap AXS/DAI Instantly || Anytime Anywhere At Zero Fee
Why Swap Crypto on Trofi?
• Smart Order Routing System
Our in-house order routing system connects to top exchanges simultaneously to get the best price and best liquidity for you.
• Instant Access to Swapped Asset
Swap trade on Trofi settles instantly. Your balance gets updated the second your trade is executed, allowing you not to miss any market opportunity.
•Earn Interest Automatically
You will automatically earn Flexible rate on your assets after they are swapped, such that you don’t miss any income on your crypto
•Zero Fees
What you see is what you pay. Swap between supported crypto assets with no fee
•Direct Swap Any Pair in a Single Trade
Trofi Exchange’s sophisticated pricing engine enables users to directly swap one asset for another in a single trade

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Borrow || Borrow USDC At 0% APY Instant Approval No orgination fee
Why Borrow with Trofi?

Trofi’s loan mechanism has superior features that its competitors don’t.
• Instant Approval
Loan is approved instantly - no wait time
• No origination Fee
We do not charge any origination fee when initiating a loan
• No repayment penalty
You can partially or fully repay the loan any time you want, without any penalty
• 0% APY
Borrow at as low as 0% if you opt for lower LTV
• High LTV
We provide high LTVs on crypto assets used as collateral so they can be efficiently utilized
• No Tenor Commitment
Flexible end date. You do not have to commit to a fixed tenor when initiating a loan
• Collateral Release
You can easily release extra collateral at your fingertip
• Risk Level Monitor
You can easily see the risk level of all outstanding loans at a glance in the Trofi app

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Invest || The Best Crypto Structured Products Platform || A wide spectrum of Structured Investment products for everyone
What is Crypto Structured Product?
A Structured Product is a combination of a fixed-income asset with derivatives, such as put and call options, packaged into a single security. At Trofi, we offer various Crypto Structured Products, allowing users to unlock 3 main categories of opportunities that can significantly improve their investment’s risk-return profile. These categories are Yield Enhancement, Principal Protection, and Leveraged Participation.

What are the benefits of Structured Product?
Structured products provide features designed to enhance your returns, and/or reduce the market risk of the exposure to the underlying crypto asset when compared to a direct investment in such asset. Below are some examples of how Structured Products can help to maximize users’ investment risk/returns.

Why trades Structured Products with Trofi?

• Most competitive pricing
• Best investment risk-reward products
• Instant Quotation and trade execution
• Easy to understand and guided interface

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