Sensus: Mobile Incentivized Crowd Wisdom and Prediction Market (ICO and Beta-Testing)


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Jun 28, 2016




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Welcome to the future of crowd-sourced knowledge:

Sensus: Incentivized Crowd-Wisdom is a mobile application fueled by the value token Sense (SNS). Sensus utilizes the advantages of cryptocurrency technology to revamp the dated online question and answer landscape.

  • Demographic and Location Targeting:
For optimal results, Sensus will allow you to choose your target demographic with incredible specificity... as an example:

If hypothetically, a 30 year-old male is at the store attempting to craft a New York inspired outfit, but is undecided between several options, Sensus could help. This user would take a picture of each option or combination and construct a question asking for advice. He could then send that question to any number of users between the ages of 25 and 35 who live in New York and are knowledgeable in men's fashion.

Advice from any number of well-informed users would be available before the man is even ready to check out.​
  • Direct Questions and Verified Users:
Users will be able to follow and send questions directly to one another. Think of your profile as your store. For direct questions sent to you, you may set your price-per-answer however you would like.

By answering questions, or inviting your existing social media followers, you can grow and interact with your online following like never before, while being paid for doing so. As your reputation, niche-expertise, or popularity increases, so does your value to other users and the number of questions you will receive.

As with any service, added value will allow you to charge more per answer, but be sure to set your price at a number others are willing to pay. By growing your following, you may become a verified user which will come with its own set of benefits. The direct question and verified user features are perfect for existing (or soon to be) social media celebrities to develop and monetize their following.​
  • Reputation, Leader Boards, and Participation Rewards:
A reputation system and leader boards will be added to serve as a fun way to reward user-participation. It is important to the Sensus team that all users, whether brand new or the most loyal and seasoned, are able to enjoy these perks.

As such, several boards and bounties will be created over a spectrum of time spans (daily, weekly, monthly, all time) to reward improvement, great starts, and veteran status all the same.​
  • In-app Sense (SNS) Exchange:
The exchange will accept both fiat currencies and BTC.​
  • Prediction Market:
Sensus will test ta prediction market and develop it further depending on usage and user feedback.​

To ask questions, users select their desired number of answers and incur a micro-payment of 1 SNS per answer. Their SNS then fall into escrow during the "answering phase." During the answering phase, the asker's question can either be posted publicly or sent by Sensus directly to many potential demographic-specific answerers. A notification and cash incentive will be brought up on the potential answerers' phones, and once the number of answers requested by the asker has been met, the question is closed.

Then begins the "payment phase." At the beginning of the payment phase, the asker is required to select the series of answers which they believe to be the most correct, insightful, persuasive, or otherwise useful. Whomever's answers were deemed to be correct will be rewarded with a portion of the asker's initial SNS micro-payment. To guarantee answer quality, the asker will be given the ability to resubmit their question for an entirely new set of answers in the event the asker believes they did not relieve any adequate responses. Of course, this recourse option will be monitored for abuse. During this phase, there will also be the opportunity for the asker to allot answer bonuses which will consist of SNS rewards and reputation points for not only correct, but particularly insightful responses.

The Sensus payment infrastructure is built on the Ripple network ( and allows for the near-instantaneous transfer of Sense (SNS) between users' in-app wallets. Sense can either be earned by answering questions or bought directly for USD.

Once earned, SNS can be used in several ways:
  1. Withdrawn for cash and deposited directly to the user bank account​
  2. Reused to ask questions​
  3. Traded on the in-app exchange​
  4. Transferred to another application on the "Sense Network"​

The value token Sense is designed to be a universal fuel on “The Sense Network." Sensus: Incentived Crowd Wisdom is the pilot use case for Sense and the first of many application to be "Powered by The Sense Network." Our team has several application concepts on the backlog following Sensus, however the main proponent in growing the network will be the Sense community. Upon further development, open registration for 3rd party developers to integrate their applications to The Sense Network will begin.

The long term mission statement of the Sense Network is to serve as a modular and standard currency infrastructure for numerous value token fuel mobile applications. Sense will be utilized by, transferable between, and cash-withdrawable from all network participating mobile applications. In this regard, the value of Sense is backed by the promise of service it provides within each application it is used. In the case of Sensus, this service is one answer to a question. As the network grows, so will the number services enabled by Sense.

Sensus is now in Beta-Testing. We are looking for active testers to ask and answer questions and give feedback if any issues are encountered. Sensus has begun the pre-ICO beta-tester SNS bounty to encourage your participation.

Currently, we are in phase 1 of the currency testnet, utilizing only superficial testnet-SNS and the trade feature has not been activated yet. The only way to earn SNS is to answer questions. During phase 2 we will be adding testnet-USD and the first iteration of trade functionality. As the beta testing progresses, we will begin integrating more features piece by piece, but we need your help.​

As of now, Sensus is only available on Google Play. The ETA for the iOS version is 4 weeks.

If you are interested, please register and download with the links at the top of the post.​

Sense Token Distribution:

100,000,000 Tokens Total:
  • Market Making: 20,000,000​
  • ICO: 65,000,000​
    • 58,500,000 Initial Coin Offering​
    • 6,500,000 Holder's Reward*
  • Bounties: 15,000,000​
    • Development Team: 8,460,000​
    • Strategic Partnerships and Post-ICO Bounty Programs: 5,000,000​
    • Alpha Bounties (Closed): 40,000​
    • Beta Bounties: 2,000,000​

Beta-Tester Bounty Rewards:

2,000,000 SNS Tokens Total:
  • 300,000 Signature Campaign (15%)
  • 50,000 Translation, Artwork, Creative Design (2.5%)
  • 250,000 Twitter (12.5%)
  • 250,000 Facebook (12.5%)
  • 1,100,000 Benchmark bounties​
    • 500,000 Ask and Answer (25%)
      • 1 Proportional Stake for every question asked or answered (Maximum 10 question and 10 answer stakes per week)​
    • 100,000 Useful Feedback (5%)
    • 250,000 Miscellaneous (12.5%)
    • 300,000 Beta Referral Program (15%)
      • 1 Stake per user who signs up​
        • Each referred user must complete a total of 20 question and/or answer stakes to be considered a stake eligible referall​
      • Additionally 2 stakes at ever 5 person mark​
      • Additional 5 stakes at every 10 person mark​

*6,500,000 SNS will be held in reserve to implement a tier-based reward all ICO participants who hold their tokens one, two, or three months.​