Release - BitcoinBandit - New Game


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Sep 28, 2016
Press release for the mobile game BitcoinBandit

BitcoinBandit is the story of a little rabbit, Bandit, that harvest coins with his jetpack through multiple levels. Bandit has to avoid the obstacles, harvest a maximum of coins to climb in the rankings and become the King.
The app will be released August the 26th on Android and iOS stores.

The Game

BitcoinBandit is a game of dexterity that requires skill, precision and a sense of timing. The player has to propel Bandit the rabbit and his jetpack and avoid the cliff and the enemies.
The player has to collect all the coins and can double his earnings after each level.

The tournament mode allows the player to play a paid game every 30 minutes. The score at the end of the games in tournament mode are added up and a weekly ranking defines the player’s rank. The best-ranked players will be able to earn more.

The King of the weekly ranking will earn a significant profit.
The training mode is open continuously for the player to practice.


This game is a permanent challenge for the player and his ability to take risks. Levels are designed so that it is always possible to clear a level, although it is very hard to catch all the coins. To this end, the player takes the risk of perilously getting close to the edge of the cliff. In order to challenge even further the player’s ability to take risks, we have imagined the double or nothing concept. The player has to make a choice at the end of each level. The secure choice is to cash all his earnings immediately and the gambling choice is to take the risk of losing everything or doubling his earnings if the next level is completed.

How to earn Bitcoins

All the coins harvested by Bandit the rabbit are then transferred into the player’s safe and converted into Bitcoins at the end of every week.
The game includes a tournament mode that makes it possible to earn Bitcoins, and a training mode enabling the player to practice.

The tournament mode is open for one game every 30 minutes, from Monday to Monday. The total earnings collected in the tournament mode are automatically sent to the player’s wallet (Bitcoins account) every Monday.
A world ranking enables the best players to increase their earnings if reaching the top ranking.

Our gamble

We took the daring gamble of rewarding all our players with Bitcoins, a cryptocurrency that is widely used and accepted by most e-commerce sites. In addition to experiencing a fun game, the player can also earn money while playing.