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Aug 19, 2015
The following is a list of the top posts on /r/btc and /r/Bitcoin, sorting by the number of different reddit users linking to it from either /r/Bitcoin or /r/btc. Data up to and including Oct 2016, and including all posts referenced by at least 15 different users.

/r/Bitcoin 46 PSA: Using paper wallets, understanding change addresses.
/r/Bitcoin 39 It's time for a break: About the recent mess & temporary new rules
/r/Bitcoin 33 Basic Bitcoin security guide
/r/Bitcoin 32 I'm running a full node, and so should you!
/r/Bitcoin 31 Will I earn money by mining? - An answer to all newcomers
/r/Bitcoin 30 Opt-in RBF Is misunderstood -- Ask questions about it here
/r/Bitcoin 29 since my house is being searched right now, small reminder: be careful buying on
/r/Bitcoin 27 I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing.
/r/Bitcoin 26 Andreas: I'm fundraising for Dorian Nakamoto
/r/btc 24 Gavin, can you please detail all parts of the signature verification you mention in your blog
/r/Bitcoin 24 Bitfinex security breach: Trading will be halted as well as all crypto deposits/withdrawals
/r/Bitcoin 24 Is the Blockstream company the reason why 4 core developer won´t increase the blocksize?
/r/Bitcoin 24 Why is a hard fork still necessary?
/r/Bitcoin 24 Some IRC chatter about what is going on at MtGox
/r/Bitcoin 24 /r/Bitcoin FAQ - Newcomers please read
/r/Bitcoin 23 Double-spending unconfirmed transactions is a lot easier than most people realise
/r/Bitcoin 23 Why I just sold 50% of my bitcoins: GHash.IO
/r/Bitcoin 23 I wish for the price to crash
/r/Bitcoin 22 I am a tax attorney, here are my answers to the most common questions about the taxation of bitcoins
/r/Bitcoin 22 A Thorough Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Secure Paper Wallets (w/ An Online Component to Monitor Your Balance 24/7)
/r/Bitcoin 21 It's bits
/r/Bitcoin 20 A trip to the moon requires a rocket with multiple stages or otherwise the rocket equation will eat your lunch... packing everyone in clown-car style into a trebuchet and hoping for success is right out.
/r/Bitcoin 18 Bitstamp will switch to BIP 101 this December.
/r/Bitcoin 18 Research into instantaneous vote behavior in bitcoin subreddits
/r/Bitcoin 18 Need advice on inheritance, arbitrage, family, etc. Please, I am becoming desperate.
/r/Bitcoin 18 I have my entire retirement and savings invested in Bitcoin. I will track its progress here over time.
/r/Bitcoin 18 What a landmark legal case from mid-1700s Scotland tells us about the fungibility and the very nature of money-- and why we should care in light of the recent CoinValidation controversy.
/r/Bitcoin 18 Dave Bitcoin of just cracked a wallet for me (whose passphrase I lost in May).
/r/Bitcoin 17 Core Devs: Communication has improved, thank you. Two more moves, and the civil war may end.
/r/Bitcoin 17 Why is Bitcoin forking?
/r/Bitcoin 17 Bitcoin Core non-IRC meeting summary for 2016-05-20
/r/Bitcoin 17 We only have a few days left to buy below $650. The last Bitcoin bubble is about to inflate. You can trust me on this. ;)
/r/Bitcoin 16 A note for newbies about market forces. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.
/r/Bitcoin 16 /r/Bitcoin FAQ - Newcomers please read
/r/Bitcoin 16 P2SH.INFO shows movement out of multisig wallets... gives indication of bfx breach size!
/r/btc 16 Unmasking the Blockstream Business Plan
/r/Bitcoin 16 We are Mt. Gox: AMA
/r/Bitcoin 16 Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong: BIP 101 is the Best Proposal We've Seen So Far
/r/Bitcoin 16 Luke-Jr's public apology for poor Gentoo packaging default
/r/Bitcoin 16 GHash.IO/CEX.IO and double-spending against BetCoin Dice
/r/Bitcoin 15 I'm Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation. Ask me anything!
/r/Bitcoin 15 1000 BTC Giveaway! From your friend rekcahxfb
/r/Bitcoin 15 Some words for my friends
/r/Bitcoin 15 Buttercoin - Open Source High-Performance Bitcoin Exchange Project
/r/Bitcoin 15 Mike Hearn, Chair of the Bitcoin Foundation's Law & Policy committee is also pushing blacklists behind the scenes
/r/Bitcoin 15 Hi, this is Ben Lawsky at NYDFS. Here are the proposed BitLicense regulations.