Really Good ICO Review


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Nov 6, 2023
For those in a hurry, here are the links.

Link -
Whitepaper -

I read a post related to ICO here not long ago, and it seemed quite promising. It said that I can receive a daily profit of 30%, which is a fantastic deal. Moreover, I found out that N-PIK is like a casino. Casinos always generate profits, right? Oh, and this gets blocked, but if you're curious, check the whitepaper. The hint is something starting with 'c.'
So, I immediately read the whitepaper. No matter what project it is, you should always read the whitepaper thoroughly.

To cut to the chase, PIK Token is really good.

Giving a daily profit of 30% from the casino is great, and the fact that N-PIK has obtained a legitimate license is appealing.
Just doing this is enticing enough, but PLYP Coin also looks good. So, I bought it right away. It's currently at a whopping 80% discount. There won't be an opportunity to buy this coin at a lower price than now.

So, let's go, everyone. I really hope this ICO turns out to be successful and gives me many opportunities.
Honestly, just looking at this might be hard to believe, so I'll attach a news link that I found during my search. Be sure to check it out.



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Jan 28, 2024
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