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Jan 2, 2018
  • AIRDROP: A ground floor opportunity to secure PLAZA tokens


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As the developer of a blockchain-based lifestyle solution designed for mass adoption, we at Plaza Systems like to think we are innovators in community-building and awareness-raising too. Not only do we want real people to benefit from our product, we also want real people to get the most from our ICO.

Therefore, as CEO and Chief Architect of Plaza Systems, I’m delighted to invite you to join our promotion and awareness-raising campaign in the lead up to Plaza Systems’ token generation event.

You don’t have to be a “whale”. You don’t have to be a bitcointalk veteran. You don’t even need a minimum amount of ETH or BTC.

It’s free and rewarding.

You are invited to participate in the “PLAZA Freedom 50” Airdrop and the “PLAZA Republic” Presale. Both of these initiatives are designed to allow anyone, regardless of their net worth, to participate at the earliest stage of what is shaping up to be 2018’s most exciting ICO. You may join one or both of them.

The “PLAZA Freedom 50” Airdrop. Secure an airdrop of 50-200 PLAZA in exchange for some social love and joining us on Telegram. Up to 200 PLAZA tokens will be airdropped to your eligible ETH wallet after successful PLAZA ICO, depending on how quickly you sign up. The first 10,000 are eligible.

The “PLAZA Republic” Presale. Get whitelisted for the PLAZA ICO and secure the best possible PLAZA ICO bonus. Reserve your PLAZA presale tokens to receive a 50% bonus during the PLAZA presale. This limited first come, first served opportunity gives anyone the chance to secure a PLAZA bonus that is better than the best possible ICO bonus.

Furthermore, if you reserve PLAZA and go on to purchase them during presale you will be prequalified for a special edition PlazaCard, our debit card, after successful ICO. And if you buy more than 2,000 PLAZA during presale you will receive the free gift of a PlazaConcierge, which is a smart speaker, MerchantChain miner, and hardware crypto wallet in one high-tech, low-powered device. The PlazaConcierge will be shipped after it is fully developed to eligible PLAZA purchasers.

Reserved tokens will be held only during the presale period of fourteen (14) days, after which they will be made available to general ICO purchasers. You will be notified by email at the start of the presale period to give you plenty of time to finalise your purchases. You may purchase more than your reserved quantity so long as there are PLAZA available and space under the hard cap. Only PLAZA reserved by other people are unavailable during presale.

The earlier you sign up not only do you have a better chance of securing PLAZA you also give yourself more time to earn referral bonuses. For every Airdrop recipient you refer via your referral link, Plaza will send you another 10 PLAZA. Furthermore every completed PLAZA purchase you refer will yield you 5% of the number of tokens involved.

Okay! How do I sign up for the airdrop and reserve my presale tokens?


I look forward to welcoming you to the Plaza Systems community!

Kevin Johnson
CEO & Chief Architect
Plaza Systems

P.S. The inimitable Mike at CryptoFacto interviewed me for his YouTube channel. Take a look here:
About Plaza Systems

Plaza occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology. We are developing something we like to call the “freedom lifestyle” and it includes:

  • The ability to quickly and conveniently browse the best shopping deals across the whole Internet, anytime, and from anywhere;
  • The privacy, savings, and security of cryptocurrency payments;
  • The sensible flexibility to enjoy the products of your favourite neighbourhood vendors using a payment system everyone is familiar with; and

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