Open Bazaar


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Oct 10, 2015
Its opened in Testnet - I setup to find out what Testnet meant, it no fucking work yet.

Its pretty slick but seems complicated for someone like me. Hell the login username and password is written somewhere. I believe I have to change the ob.cfg file.

The Slack community looks like its pretty helpful but this feels like me trying to use Monero or Ethereum.

Anyone else setting up a store?

** very possible I am just to drunk both nights playing with this**
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Dec 16, 2015
I'd like to but sadly no time for it right now. From what I've seen it looks cool, maybe some minor details to be refined like the reputation system or not letting people become the moderator of their own shop.

I do look forward to people being able to run their own shop off a mobile phone someday.
A lot will probably hang out in coffee shops :)