New HTC Blockchain Smartphone Able To Run Full Bitcoin Node

Pradeep kumar

New Member
Oct 15, 2019

Six months ago, Taiwanese electronics company HTC announced its first crypto-friendly smartphone; Exodus 1. On Saturday the company announced the launch of its cheaper version, Exodus 1s. The tech company created the cheaper Blockchain friendly smartphone in a bid to entice the people hesitant about buying cryptocurrencies and expensive flagships from the likes of Apple and Samsung.
Moreover, Exodus 1 initially cost 0.15 Bitcoin — over $1,189 at current prices; same price as a high-end iPhone or Galaxy. However, HTC subsequently let people buy it in dollars for $699. The new device, Exodus 1s costs $244 or its equivalent in cryptocurrency. However, according to HTC’s Phil Chen, the big difference is that it comes packed with cryptocurrency-related features; that will let users exchange, lend and borrow digital assets.

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