Need a new exchange?


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Apr 30, 2018
So I recently found out the exchange now offers BITCOINCASH (BCH) for sale or buy, they also support PVX BTC and DASH I was surprised when I called the support number someone picked up! Does anyone have any insight, they work with cash only which I thought was a plus because other payment methods are reversable, any thoughts?


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Aug 28, 2015
@ZroronoaZ I don't know anything about, and Laura is a bit out of place as an employee.

In this photo Laura poses without a smile and could be working for anyone.

I do know all businesses need to start somewhere. If you do test them out start with an amount that wouldn't be a big loss if the trade went wrong. While it may not be applicable with never leave your coins on an exchange, and never have more money tied up in an exchange that you can afford to lose. (inevitably something goes wrong at some point)