My new own flat

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Oct 25, 2019
Well, working with Fundamentum is not my first time investing in blockchain, but it is my most successful experience. This is the link:
Everything started out simple - in the current economic situation, when everybody is expecting another global crisis - the most obvious way to survive the crisis without losses is to invest in real estate. I analyzed the real estate markets and realized that the German market is one of the most reliable markets. But the most difficult thing in investing in real estate in Germany is to buy an apartment in Germany, it is necessary to have a direct presence of the buyer, and as a rule, you have to come more than once. That's why the big profit from the growth of real estate is leveled out. I was very pleased that I came across this company and made a small discovery for myself. I don't have to go anywhere to invest in real estate, all I need to do is register, go through the KYC procedure, confirm that you are a qualified investor and buy tokens. The cost of a token depends on the cost per square meter, the cost per square meter is estimated every 6 months by specialists.

Therefore, I am very glad that I came across this company, I hope very much that I will continue to cooperate with them.

Thank you very much to all the specialists who helped me to go through all the procedures, explained, told, showed, and thanks to the lawyers who provided all the necessary information to understand whether I fit the parameters of a qualified investor or not.

I advise this company to all my friends, my friends, a couple of families, have already bought an apartment for the cryptocurrency with the company Fundamentum’s help.
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