MultiBot - connected exchanges - EXMO, Binance, Poloniex


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Jun 3, 2019
MultiBot (connected exchanges - EXMO, BINANCE, POLONIEX)

Good day, I invite you to try the updated MultiBot - bot for many exchanges (connected exchanges - EXMO, BINANCE, POLONIEX)

What can:
  • trading in all pairs represented on the exchange (connected exchanges - EXMO, BINANCE);
  • automatic addition of released new currencies and currency pairs;
  • trading by long (growth) and short positions (falling);
  • simultaneous trading of any number of currency pairs;
  • flexible configuration of any pair;
  • 4 strategies;
  • history of purchases / sales of orders with display of the proceeds (even if the purchase is partial);
  • automatic sale of orders purchased less than the established limit;
  • detailed profit report with upload to excel;
  • balance change history;
  • automatic increase of the order sale price in case TrailingStop moved to breakeven;
  • automatic freezing and defrosting of trades in the event of a price drop;
  • trading from the depot (percentage or fixed amount);
  • StopLoss and TrailingStop;
  • manual editing of StopLoss + TrailingStop values of sell orders that are manually set;
  • built-in web server for remote control of the bot;
  • 4 types of alerts (Audio, SMS, VKontakte, Telegram);
  • three trading modes (automatic, semi-automatic, manual);
  • Customizable request speed for automated and manual trading;
  • WebSocket support;
  • 10 day full-featured testing, if the bot is interested in the future cost of the bot 1000 rubles \ month. or free use with restrictions (number of simultaneous pairs for bidding - 1 and the "Pamp" strategy is not available
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Available for download and testing.