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Baikal Mining

New Member
Mar 22, 2018
Russian Federation
Baikal Mining – is a project offering turnkey mining solutions and individual packages adapted for the certain client’s needs. Full list of mining solutions from hosting, inspection and repair system to maintenance of private blockchains. The cheapest price for 1 KW of electric power. Agreements with leading mining equipment manufacturer. So far, the project has achieved production capacity in amount of 10 MW with a possibility to increase power, if necessary – in the short term as well.

BAM token – is an ERC20 Token providing a right to use computing power of Baikal Mining farm, aslo it provides access to the farm services at the special prices and a possibility to use cloud mining service.

Our goal – is to offer access to quality services to the token-holders, so as to provide a possibility to become participants of the newest created infrastructure – new and powerful mining pool

Each BAM Token provides a right to use Baikal Mining farm services at an appreciable discount regarding existing market costs of provided services:

1. Payment for hosting of your equipment, or equipment purchased from Baikal Mining with a value same to the purchase price.
2. Cloud Mining Service by Baikal Mining with discounts up to 40%.
3. Gaining profit from common computing power and mining pool activity.
All the BAM Tokens received by Baikal Mining project (as a payment for hosting or cloud mining services) will be immediately burned by the project team.

Initial Coin Offering

April 20 2018 – July 20 2018 – 92 days
Main Sale (ICO) Supply: 30,500,000 BAM Tokens

Pre-sale: 1,000,000 BAM Tokens
Participants of the presale gain additional 20% bonus in BAM Token.
Baikal Mining services are available for participants of the presale in 3 months after the end of presale.
Limited Presale: March 20 2018 – April 20 2018 at 12:00 (PST+0)

Total Emission: 34,550,000 BAM Tokens.
Cost of 1 BAM Token: 1 USD – fixed price for further use of Baikal Mining services.
Possibility to purchase BAM Token: for BTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, LTC and others.
E-Mail: support@baikal-mining.io