I created an online store which sells Bitcoin T-Shirts, mugs, posters


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Sep 14, 2017

When I first wanted to buy a Bitcoin shirt to express my support for the community, I was really frustrated with the choice. None of these fit my personal taste.

Being a cartoonist, I designed my own t-shirt which a friend of mine on #bitcoin IRC chat suggest I should start selling. It sounded scary at first. But thanks to my brother who is a web-developer, I decided to go for it. The community needs unique items, we need more merchants accepting BTC, we need to spread the word.

So it took me 3 months to create a website, design shirts, find suppliers, but I finally made it, I launched my own store which sells items I designed. It was quite a journey for me, especially because I had no prior experience in such things. This is something I really feel passionate about.

Why is my store different compared to other Bitcoin shirt stores?

  • I believe my designs are unique. They tell a story.
  • A portion of the BTC payments profit will be donated to bitcoin.org, open bazaar and similar projects.
  • Unlike 90% of crypto clothing sites, I actually do accept bitcoins as a form of payment, as the matter a fact I encourage it. I understand the risks since my suppliers and fulfillment centers do not accept.
  • Worldwide shipping via fulfillment center in US and EU.

My goal is not really to sell you anything at this moment, I just want some honest feedback on my designs of the clothes, mugs, pillows, cases. I really invested lots of time and effort in this, and any feedback and critiques are welcome. I already shared my designs across other Bitcoin platforms such as IRC, Discord, Slack and got some really nice feedback and ideas, but also some critiques which were quite helpful.

I would like to thank all the community members who helped me so far.

TL;DR: I opened an online store which sells bitcoin shirts and would love to get some feedback.

Website URL: https://bitcoinshirt.co