HOW TO USE Crypto Transaction Hijacker V8.58.6 TO EARN MORE BTC and USDT


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Oct 21, 2023
Crypto Transaction Hijacker V8.58.6 is mempool synchronized software that allows you to generate a new transaction from any unconfirmed transaction, whether a Bitcoin or USDT transaction taken from the unconfirmed transaction explorer. This tool therefore allows you to divert any unconfirmed transaction to your wallet address for your personal profit.

Crypto Transaction Hijacker V8.58.6 features :

- Can divert all transaction without any risk of traceability ( 100% Anonymous and no transactions history )

- Can be used anywhere in the world

- Crypto get full confirmation after redirection to your wallet

- No daily transaction limits

- Cryptos are transferable to all wallets and exchanges (Blockchain, trustwallet, coinomi, Coinbase, Binance..... )

- Support multiple networks BTC ( SegWit,Taproot, legacy... USDT ( TRC 20, ERC20...)

- Possibility to edit proxy ( VIP 72 , TorProxy , socks4..)

- Can work on remote

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